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Samsung next project. The first images of a super-gadget with 5.5-inch screen

On the Internet has already appeared images with a smartphone-tablet hybrid that will be released in the near future by Samsung.

Image come from the Know Your Mobile, which says that the screen will be a Super AMOLED high resolution.

Microsoft Surface will cost 200$ and will be released with Windows 8 in October 8 - 26!

Presenting Microsoft Surface tablets caused a great interest among the public. This new product has surprised many people not only because has Windows 8 and RT, but also with his forms, which distinguishes them from other manufacturers. We know just a detail: how much the buyers will have to pay for such a device.

3 tablets to take with you on vacation

If you visit a new place and do not want to ask directions on the street, a tablet can save you.
The weather is beautiful and it's a shame to stay indoors. Make your travel plans. We are in 2012 and much of the luggage will be occupied with gadgets. But you can take only the tablet.

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