What happens on the Internet in one minute?

Intel presented "a story about the Internet" in the developments of recent years. According to available data, currently in a minute on the Internet are viewed over 20,000 photos on Flickr, six million pages are viewed on Facebook, 100.0000 tweets are posted, 30 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube and 47,000 applications are downloaded. Before 2004 there were none.

Internet data traffic has increased significantly in the past years, an important factor in the development and popularity of social networking.
Currently, users can connect to the Internet from a variety of devices: smart phones, PC tablets, netbooks, notebooks and ultrabook.

Nearly 640,000 GB are transferred over the Internet in just a minute. Currently, the number of devices connected is equal to the population. In 2015, their number is expected to be double.
Every minute, 45 sites for infecting users' computers will be created, 15 billion devices will be connected and Internet traffic could be stored on 230,000 DVDs.

In addition, traffic from mobile devices will increase 11 times, and the Internet 3 times.To cope with all this, Intel and other are working continuously to ensure uninterrupted access to information and entertainment. It requires large investments in R&D, but the process has started and first results are very good, because a line of products has continuously increased performance of data centers: Intel Xeon E5 processors.

The new processors offer better performance for data centers, innovation in terms of I/O and greater security to allow the IT sector to have increased results. To create an environment for developing future products for increasing data traffic.The industry is ready for the next increase in data traffic on the Internet. Intel Xeon E5 is the heart of data centers, which will help us control the growth of data and cloud computing become the foundation, which controls 15 billion of device


  1. Interesting article about the internet´s evolution, how much will it be in the following years?

  2. Nearly 640,000 GB are transferred over the Internet in just a minute.Impressive data:))

  3. There lots of thins can be happen also in just 30 SECONDS!
    kindly check our latest infographic:


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