VIDEO Destiny, a new SF game made ​​by the creators of Halo

Humanity is almost destroyed. We can regain our solar system?

The company that created Halo, Bungie, now announces a new title, Destiny, a science fiction action game very social, which says it is a "shared-world shooter". The game will require internet connection and they will address the owners of Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. There will be, however, a mobile application.

Galaxy S4 may be available on March 15.

It is likely that Samsung will not come at MWC 2013 with the new S4 Galaxy, but the phone is likely to be available during March. obtained new information about the new phone produced by Samsung, which says that will be presented on March 15 in a special event held in Moscow.

Alcatel One Touch Star, a middle-level smartphone with Android Jelly Bean. Price and specifications

Alcatel launches One Touch Star in two versions, single and dual-SIM. The new model will be presented at MWC 2013

Alcatel One Touch Star announces a middle-level smartphone with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. The phone is available in two versions: single-SIM (6010) and dual-SIM (6010D).

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