Microsoft Surface will cost 200$ and will be released with Windows 8 in October 8 - 26!

Presenting Microsoft Surface tablets caused a great interest among the public. This new product has surprised many people not only because has Windows 8 and RT, but also with his forms, which distinguishes them from other manufacturers. We know just a detail: how much the buyers will have to pay for such a device.

According to the authors from Building Windows 8 blog, details of price and release date were revealed at the conference TechReady15. Microsoft will launch the product (Windows with Surface RT) on October 26 and the price will be 200$. Of course, this price does not include the full cost of production. With such a price this tablet with operating system has a chance of success in the today tablets market.

Also, be aware that Windows-based tablet RT shall contain a similar function PowerNap of computers that running on OS X  Lion Mountain. The tablet will connect to the Internet, download e-mails, update information in social networks all in a standby mode. The gadgets can work in stand by from 320 up to 409 hours (13-17 days). The tablets based on RT will provide 8 to 13 hours of continuous video playback, full HD.
Microsoft has released two devices in July, Surface and Surface Pro (Windows RT and 8). Surface version running Windows RT has Nvidia Tegra 3 procesor and will be available for sale from 26 October, and the Pro with Windows 8, three months later.


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